Sachse lab

Electron cryomicroscopy of autophagy complexes

Electron microscope equipment at EMBL

EMBL hosts a vibrant structural and cellular electron microscopy (EM) community. We share a comprehensive EM facility with the research groups of Martin Beck, John Briggs, Yannick Schwab and Christoph Müller. Together, the EM groups cover a wide range of expertise in structural single-particle cryomicroscopy, electron tomography and cellular EM to discuss weekly in an EM-focussed seminar series.
FEI Titan Krios and Polara
High-end 300 kV FEG electron cryomicroscopes. FEI Titan Krios and Polara.
FEI Falcon II
Direct electron detector: FEI Falcon II mounted on Titan Krios.
The facility is equipped with a state of the art electron microscopy facility including Titan Krios, Polara and F30 microscopes and direct electron detectors. The facility is maintained by Wim Hagen. We have access to the EMBL computer cluster comprising a total of 5000 CPU cores.
EMBL computer farm
EMBL computer farm with approximately 5000 CPU cores.
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Direct electron detector: Gatan K2 Summit mounted on Titan Krios.