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Spring is a single-particle based helical reconstruction package and has been used to determine 3D structures of a variety of highly ordered and less ordered specimens from electron micrographs. Spring is currently developed in the Sachse lab at EMBL for the Unix operating systems of MacOSX and Linux.


Spring is released under the modified BSD lisence and integrates several different electron-microscopy specific and other open-source packages. Spring is entirely written in Python and is based on the EM functions and libraries of EMAN2 and SPARX. CTFFIND and CTFTILT programs are used for the determination of the microscope parameters. Spring makes use of Numpy and Scipy packages for scientific computing. In addition, the program was made with the help of the following open-source tools: Matplotlib, VisVis, Mpi4py, SQLAlchemy, Nosetest and Sphinx.

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